The Modes And Buttons Of NBA Live Mobile Game Are Unique

The modes and control buttons of NBA Live Mobile game appealed to me most, apart from the visual features of the game. Talking about the visual appeal of the game I feel it is most realistic among games of a similar kind with carefully designed graphics and animation. The features of the players are very clear, and I could even see the logo, number on the jersey of the players. The appearance of the players, their structure and physical features have been designed painstakingly so that it matches with the original character of NBA real world. This made the game more interesting and exciting to play.

The high-quality resolution and the animation made the movement of the players very realistic. When the ball is shot, it looked like the ball is shot and not a vague kick at the ball like any other virtual sporting game. The passing and dribbling of the ball along with the running of the players all looked simply realistic in NBA Live Mobile game. Add to it the matching sound effects made me feel that I was present in a real stadium, playing a real game in front of real spectators cheering every move my team players made and me. All this added to the gaming experience which I am sure will be liked by all.


The buttons are minimal which made the game playing even easier. I simply had to adjust my fingers with the correct placement of the button on the screen, which I could do easily after a couple of times. The buttons are for specific actions, and the digital joystick is for moving the players in the required direction, and the placement of these are according to the standard and conventional formats. The buttons served for several purposes like for example while holding down the guard button will guard the opponent, but when I tapped on it, I could make a steal in NBA Live Mobile game.

The prime objective of the game is to build an ultimate team, strong enough to challenge others and win. There are live events, head to head matches, seasons and leagues in the game which provides a lot of excitement, practice, confidence and above all currency which is essential for the game. Apart from that, I could also use the nba live mobile hack for the generation of coins but frankly speaking, the game’s features are good enough to keep this option for emergency purpose only. But for the minimal and effective controls, I doubt whether the game would have been so popular.

Similarly, the drive button had specific purposes as well in NBA Live Mobile game as it served to dunk or lay up the ball when I slid my finger up to shoot button. Therefore, the front end interface is simple, but the functions are expanded to provide a deeper level of game control. The AI of the game is also simple, and that is what I liked because I am not very fond of complex mechanisms, personally and am sure there are lots of others who will be the same.

Animal Jam Game – Enter into Adventurous Jamaa World:

Animal jam game is a totally free to play online multiplayer game especially designed for kids and developed from National Geographic kids. This game is everything about animals and all looks pretty amazing. You can play with multiplayer mode and it doesn’t face any terrific differences. Kids can easily play this game without any interaction with anyone. There are more customizable options are there. Animal Jam game is available on Both Pc and iPad. You can explore more and play many other min games through this Animal jam. By playing mini games, you can earn lot more gems (game currency). Animal jam is totally a fun-filled adventurous game with extra ordinary graphics and visuals. It is totally free to explore various lands within the adventurous world Jamaa. In every Zone of jumaa, there are many types and genres of mini games which will surely excite you. All Zones has designed properly with animal themed. You will reward with more and more gems depending upon your game play. A huge variety of decorations, household things and furniture are available in the shop, so you can buy anything with your gems. You can also change the background music of your Den when you are there. If you lay well and earn more, you can also buy a bigger home and make a shift.

Animal Jam Tips

You can also bring pet to your homes and it can get customized as your pets. The interesting part in this game is you can add few more players as your buddies and can socialize with them. You can attend parties and have trade with your buddies. Animal jam game with all those interesting features and adventurous world is really unbelievable and the important fact is it is totally free and provides access to all the features in the Jamaa world. Few Customization options and features are available only for the members. To get the membership, you need to pay some amount to unlock those features and exclusive items.

How this game keeps you in excited state?

Jamaa is an excellent designed and vibrant adventurous place created by experts to entertain all the kids. Animals and characters animations are extremely amazing so kids will never quit playing this game. Animal jam works really cool and smoothly without any lagging. By playing well in all mini games, you can get more and more gems so you can develop your spaces easily using all your earned resources. Animal jam codes are interesting feature which adds resources like gems directly into your account without any interruptions and it is an easy to use tool.

Animal Jam – Such an Addictive game it is!

Animal Jam is also an educational game where kids can know about more fun facts of plants and animals by simply clicking the icons displaying on the screen. So through this game, kids can learn and have fun in an adventurous game play. Overall, Animal jam game with its enchanting graphical 3D will attract all your eyes and makes you addictive to this game.